BZDesk Community

BZDesk Community is a platform that combines a Web Portal and a Mobile Application to manage any community. It offers everything needed to build and manage a thriving community its members will love. Built on cutting-edge technologies, BZDesk Community is feature-rich and intuitive platform for small & medium businesses, enterprises, government and non-government organizations to streamline collaboration and sharing.

BZDesk Community Platform's flexible modules align to objectives of organizations and increase effective interactions and communications among individuals, groups, departments and all the other stakeholders.

BZDesk Community can be used for the following type of entities

  • Small and Medium Enterprises for their Intranet Portal
  • Professional Associations
  • Non-Profits and Self-help groups
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Community Groups
  • Learning and Tuition Centres
  • Alumni Associations
  • Parent Teachers Association and Friends of schools


  • Grow your network and foster community
  • Increase community engagement
  • Create private social forums and send polls, create and manage events.
  • Analytics help you see what content and activities really engage your group.
  • Accept new member signups via an online form
  • Send notifications and announcements through e-mail
  • Organize events, send invites & sell tickets
  • Host forums and email discussions

Key features

Member database + CRM

Keep a database of all your members, with filters and bulk actions.

Registration forms

Use external application forms with custom fields and new member approvals.

Online community management

Make information easily accessible, facilitate connections and discussions.
Track views, replies, votes, votes by answer, embedded URL clicks.

Member profiles

View data, activity history, message history, and notes for each member.

Event management

Create events and post directly to invitees' calendars and see RSVPs instantly.

Salient Features

  • Hassle-free member management with rich profiles that help your members to understand each others.
  • Segment your contact list in seconds by create as many subgroups as you need under one common network.
  • Track all communications in one place - Bring group messaging, SMS, events and polls together under one roof.
  • Reach members on the devices they already use with messages get sent via email or SMS – no member login required.